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"Brotherhood - Taegukgi" to screen in July 2004

Warner Bros. Singapore and Encore Films to jointly distribute film


Singapore (April 27, 2004) - Warner Bros. Singapore and Encore Films jointly collaborates as the local distributor of Korean blockbuster BROTHERHOOD - TAEGUKGI. The film is scheduled for islandwide release on 15 July 2004.


"Brotherhood - Taegukgi" opened on February 5 in Korea with the widest release in 443 cinemas and fast became the highest grossing blockbuster ever in Korean History. With the most tickets ever sold for a movie in less than a month, the film recorded an impressive 11.648 million admissions as of Sunday, 25 April 2004. It is also to-date the most expensive film ever made in Korea at a production cost of US$13 million.


The film won the 'Best Movie' award at the 40th beak-sang award ceremony held on 26 March 2004.


Set during the start of Korean War (Jun 1950), JinTae (Jang DongGun) and his younger brother JinSeok (Won Bin) found themselves trapped in a turbulent time. JinTae is unwillingly conscripted into the war to save JinSeok. Without money or influence, the only hope to save his brother is for JinTae to enlist in suicidal missions in order to earn the Medal of Honour. The only thing that will guarantee JinSeok's release. JinSeok fails to understand his brother's act and misinterprets them as a dangerous mix of patriotism and an obsession with fame and glory. It is only at the fatal end that JinSeok realises the truth of his brother's sacrifice.


"Brotherhood - Taegukgi" features Jang DongGun (as JinTae) and Won Bin (as JinSeok). Jang DongGun is also famous as a singer and fashion model, acted in his first film in 1997. Jang's role (as a gangster from Busan has led him to local stardom) in FRIEND (early 2001) had further won him overwhelming popularity in Asia.


Won Bin is currently the most recognised Korean star in Asia, he exploded onto Asia in 1999 with the TV Drama Autumn Tale for which he received the Best New Talent and Best Male Lead awards. His recognition and popularity skyrocketed in Japan after his appearance in the Korea-Japan TV drama co-production FRIENDS (2002).


Director Kang JeGyu has directed both "Shiri" (in 1999) and "The Gingko Bed" (in 1996). "Gingko" has won Kang critical acclaim, the New Director, Best Director and Best Film Awards. Kang's second feature "Shiri" (1999) enjoyed great success with over 6 million viewers in Korea and such tremendous popularity in overseas markets that firmly established him as one of the most talented and commercially successful directors in Asia.


"Brotherhood - Taegukgi" is produced by Kang JeGyu Films Co. Ltd.

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