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The Promise - First Asian movie to be released on digital format in Singapore

Singapore, 9 December 2005 – THE PROMISE, acclaimed director Chen Kaige’s US$35 million Asian epic fantasy, will be released in Singapore on both conventional 35 mm prints as well as digital format. This will be the first time in Singapore’s movie history that a major non-Hollywood feature film is releasing on digital format.


Movie buffs who prefer to catch the highly-anticipated THE PROMISE on digital format can do so on at least four screens at Eng Wah; as well as one screen on Cathay. The digital prints offer higher picture clarity and detail as digital movies do not have scratches, pops and jitter.


“Encore Films is proud to be able to offer a richer viewing experience to Singapore moviegoers through the digital release of THE PROMISE. The impressive fight sequences in the movie, stunning scenery, as well as lush cinematography by Oscar winner Peter Pau will be brought out fully through the digital format,” says Joyce Lee, Managing Director, Encore Films.


“The Golden Village Pictures team is proud and happy to be working with Encore Films to bring this landmark Chinese film to Singapore movie-buffs in state-of-the-art digital as well as 35mm formats. Technology is very much a part of the production process of THE PROMISE – it is so apt that technology will now be an integral aspect of the film’s public presentation interface as well. This movie is absolutely breathtaking. Its sweep and spectacle are even more overpowering when seen in the crystal-clear domain of Digital.” says Kenneth Tan, Managing Director, Golden Village Pictures.


“We are very proud to be involved in the digital release of the highly anticipated Asian blockbuster, THE PROMISE,” CEO and founder of GDC Technology, Dr Chong Man Nang says. “This will undoubtedly be an important milestone in digital cinema where “digital censor key” is being used for very the first time. I am glad such important technology breakthrough is taking place in Singapore”. Dr Chong added.


Helmed by acclaimed Chinese director Chen Kaige on a budget of US$35 million, THE PROMISE is the most expensive Asian blockbuster ever made. The fantasy epic features an A-list cast of Asia’s top acting talents, including Korea’s top superstar Jang Dong Gun (“Brotherhood Taegukgi”), renowned Japanese thespian Hiroyuki Sanada (“The Last Samurai”), award-winning Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung (“Lost in Time”) and Hong Kong idol Nicholas Tse (“New Police Story.”)


THE PROMISE is co-distributed by Encore Films and Golden Village Pictures in Singapore. It opens simultaneously in Singapore, Hong Kong and China 15 December.

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