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It's "Raining" Spider Lilies - Yahoo! Grapevine Blog

Filmy story by Mads written on 21 May 2007 - Yahoo! Grapevine Blog
Poisonous flowers, tattoos, and gorgeous leading ladies - what could there be not to like in a movie that features all of these?

Spider Lilies, starring Rainie Yang and Isabella Leong, promises to portray loss, desire and nostalgia on the silver screen. The film won a Teddy Award for best feature at this year's Berlin Film Festival.

Rainie is probably best remembered as a co-host in the long-running Taiwanese variety show, Guess. She also made several appearances in the popular landmark series, Meteor Garden, which featured the famous guys from F4. Rainie became an overnight sensation through her role as a sweet and innocent college student in Devil Beside You.


Let your movie experience for Spider Lilies start now - Rainie Yang and director Zero Chou will be in Singapore to attend the Charity Gala Premiere of the movie on 29 May 2007 ahead of the official release on 14 June. For those of you who sport interesting and beautiful tattoos, join the tattoo competition. You stand a chance to win some cool prizes and, get this, you may get the rare chance to have your photo taken with Rainie! Find out more at the official Spider Lilies website.


Plus, Rainie asks a question on what attracts you in a potential partner on Yahoo! Answers. Hmm, why don't you take a few minutes and share your thoughts with Rainie - we're sure she's interested to know what you think!

On a closing note, come visit us here at Grapevine next week. Yahoo! Singapore Movies is laying out an artful plan for an exclusive, face-to-face interview with the star, Rainie Yang. If you have interesting questions that you'd like us to ask sweet Rainie, leave your comments here. But, ahem, nothing racy or inappropriate!

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