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Top Korean Stars Kang Ji Hwan And Kim Ha Neul To Promote “My Girlfriend Is An Agent” In Singapore

Singapore, 9th October 2009 – South Korea’s hottest on-screen couple, Kang Ji Hwan (姜至奂) and Kim Ha Neul (金荷娜) will be coming to Singapore to promote their movie MY GIRLFRIEND IS AN AGENT (我的特务女友) in a regional tour. This is the first time ever that we have the 2 A-list cast members of a hit Korean movie coming to Singapore together to promote their film!


The first stop for the entourage in this tour will be Hong Kong where the pair will spend 3 days promoting this movie together with popular actor-comedian, Dayo Wong, who is providing the Cantonese voiceover for the movie.


Following, both stars will arrive in Singapore on 28th October 2009 to grace the Singapore gala premiere held in the evening at The Cathay Cineplex located at 2 Handy Road.


The press conference will be held the next day on 29th October 2009 where both stars will field questions from our Singapore media regarding their roles in the movie. In the evening, fans of both stars will be able to meet them at a publicity event, details to be announced later.


The movie is about a pair of ex-lovers who broke up without knowing each other’s identity but meets up again after being assigned on the same mission. Soo Ji (played by Kim Ha Neul) is a spy with 6 years of experience who is adept with James Bond-style gadgets whereas Jae Joon (played by Kang Ji Hwan) is a rookie agent with absolutely no experience in carrying out missions. Action-packed hilarity ensues as their paths cross when a Russian organized crime group sets out to steal an advanced chemical weapon from Korea.


Kang Ji Hwan, one of Korea’s foremost leading men today, is well known for his roles in the popular drama series “Hong Gil Dong” and “Be Strong, Geum Soon”, as well as the critically acclaimed movie “Rough Cut”.


Revered as the “Queen of romantic comedy”, Kim Ha Neul gained international recognition through endearing roles in popular movies “My Tutor Friend” and “Too Beautiful to Lie,” and hit drama series “On Air” and “Piano.”


MY GIRLFRIEND IS AN AGENT opens in Singapore cinemas on 5th November 2009 and is co-distributed by Encore Films and Cathay-Keris Films.


Official movie website: www.encorefilms.com/agentgirlfriend/

About Encore Films
Established since 2003, Encore Films Pte Ltd is a leading film distributor in Singapore with the aim of bringing quality movies to our audience. The company’s first theatre release “Wishing Stairs” broke records to become the highest grossing Korean film in Singapore then. Following, the Death Note series of movies were released and “Death Note 2: the Last name” has gone on to become the all-time number 1 Japanese movie in Singapore. The year 2008 marks our release of the Hollywood blockbuster “The Forbidden Kingdom” which stars international action megastars Jackie Chan and Jet Li. More information about Encore Films can be found at www.encorefilms.com.

About Cathay-Keris Films
Cathay-Keris Films acquires and distributes quality films from around the world, including commercial Hollywood films, to cutting-edge independent cinema and local productions. Starting off as a film production company in 1953, Cathay-Keris Films has evolved into a leading film distributor in Singapore and Malaysia. Cathay-Keris Films manages the Cathay Classics library as well as The Picturehouse, Singapore’s first premier arthouse cinema located at The Cathay. More information about Cathay-Keris Films can be found at www.cathay.com.sg.

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