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Top Asia Super Star Aaron Kwok To Promote 'Cold War' in Singapore

Singapore, 22nd October 2012 – One of Asia's most popular superstar, Aaron Kwok, will be coming to Singapore on 14th to 15th November 2012 to promote his upcoming blockbuster, Cold War.


Following the success of his world tour concert earlier, Aaron will continue to impress his fans with his new work, COLD WAR, dubbed as one of the most highly anticipated thriller after Infernal Affairs. The movie opened this year's Busan International Film Festival and received critical acclaim and praise.


The press conference will be held on Wednesday, 14th November 2012 where the star will field questions from our Singapore media regarding his role in the movie. In the evening, local fans of the star will be able to meet him at a publicity event, details to be announced later. After the meet & greet session with fans, Aaron Kwok will grace the Singapore Gala Premiere, held at Golden Village Vivocity located at 1 HarbourFront Walk.


With an amazing track record in acting and show business, Aaron Kwok is definitely one of the most popular superstar in Asia today. Aaron is the second actor in the history of the Golden Horse Awards to win the Best Actor Award consecutively in 2005 & 2006.


COLD WAR is an exciting, fast-paced Hong Kong actioner that revolves around the Hong Kong Police Department. In Asia's safest city, the police have long been untouchable. However, on one fateful day approaching midnight in Hong Kong, police headquarters receives an anonymous call: a fully-loaded police van carrying the force's most advance equipment and five highly trained officers has disappeared off the grid. The hijackers appear to possess direct knowledge of police procedures so despite their tactics, the hijackers are always steps ahead. With no choice in sight, the police must meet a list of demands to ensure the hostages' release, which includes the delivery of a huge ransom. Rival Deputy Commissioners Sean Lau and Waise Lee fight to take charge of the rescue operation, code named Cold War. Lau wants to negotiate with the hijackers while covertly tracking them to their hideout. Lee is ready for an all-out aggressive attack, no matter the cost. Cold War will decide who climbs to the top. Lau and Lee are aware that every decision is crucial, that each minute counts. But as they execute a carefully planned attack, little do they know they've become unwitting pawns in a bigger, more dangerous game...


The movie also stars three-time Hong Kong Film Award winner Tony Leung Ka-Fai, rising Taiwanese star Eddie Peng, new age Hong Kong idol Aarif Rahman, versatile actress Charlie Young and special guest appearance by fellow heavenly king, Andy Lau. The movie is scheduled for release on 15 November 2012 in Singapore.


COLD WAR is co-distributed by Encore Films and Golden Village Pictures in Singapore.

Official movie website: http://www.encorefilms.com/coldwar

About Encore Films
ENCORE FILMS was established in 2003 with the aim of bringing quality movies to the audience in the South East Asia region. Our first movie acquisition, a Korean horror “Wishing Stairs” was released in Singapore theatres nationwide on 13th November 2003 with resounding success. It grossed about S$840,000 and was the All Time Box Office Number One Korean Film for the next 3 years. In 2006, we released the two-part “Death Note” movies and Part 1 grossed over S$1.42 million whereas Part 2 grossed over S$1.75 million. Part 2 is now the All Time Box Office Number One Japanese Film in Singapore. In addition to our creditable track record, “The Forbidden Kingdom” which stars Jackie Chan and Jet Li grossed over $3.35 million in 2008 and in 2011 & 2012 “A Chinese Ghost Story”, “The Lost Bladesman” and "The Four" garnered overwhelming response. A full listing of our movie acquisitions can be found in our website www.encorefilms.com.

About Golden Village
Established in 1993, Golden Village Pictures is Singapore's leading independent film distributor, releasing a wide range of titles from blockbusters like the MATRIX and OCEANS trilogies, I AM LEGEND and SHERLOCK HOLMES to arthouse gems such as SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, THE READER and DEPARTURES. Golden Village Pictures is also the top distributor for most home-grown films including Kelvin Tong's THE MAID, Royston Tan’s 881, Eric Khoo’s MY MAGIC and Jack Neo's MONEY NO ENOUGH 2, etc.

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