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The Glorious Team Batista

Director: Yoshihiro Nakamura

Cast: Hiroshi Abe, Yuko Takeuchi
Genre: Crime/Mystery
Language: Japanese
Theatrical Release Date: NA

Based on Takeru Kaido’s best-selling novel, this gripping medical drama revolves around a group of distinguished surgeons whose success on the operating table leads them to become known as The Glorious Team Batista!

Batista operation --- a bold and innovative surgical procedure in which a failing portion of a heart is cut out to restore its proper functioning. Its chance of operational success is only 60%. Due to the high risk involved, the number of surgeons willing to do the operation is extremely limited.

On the staff of Tojo University Hospital is charismatic Batista surgeon, Kyoichi Kiryu, the centripetal force around which an elite team of specialists have gathered. Ever since Kiryu took up his current post, the super team has had a tremendous success rate of 26 consecutive operations, catapulting the team to global fame under the moniker, “Glorious Team Batista.” And then suddenly, it all begins to fall apart.

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