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Eternal Summer

Director: Leste Chen

Cast: Joseph Chang, Bryant Chang, Kate Yeung
Genre: Drama
Language: Chinese
Theatrical Release Date: (Singapore) 26th April 2007

Shane and Jonathan first meet at a primary school by the sea.  Shane is the class clown, while Jonathan is the no.1 student.  One day, the teacher sets up a game called “Little Guardian Angel” where good students are paired with bad students in order to reform them.  Against his will, Jonathan is paired with Shane.  What starts off as an awkward friendship gradually evolves into forbidden love.

No matter how the stars spin in the universe, Jonathan always stands by Shane.  No matter what happens, Jonathan always supports Shane through thick and thin.  Until the day a lonely girl called Carrie, enters their lives.  Like a fast-burning comet, she brings hope, beauty, happiness, and sorrow. Earthquakes may shatter economy and politics, but it cannot break the secret between the three young people.

When Shane, Jonathan, and Carrie go back to the beach, returning to the origin of their story, they finally understand that…no matter what secret they have… no soul was born to be alone.

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