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USD 3 million movie directed by Kim Dong Bin of Ring , Korea remake version.
Ghost Train

Director: Kim Dong Bin

Cast: Jang Shin Young, Song Il Guk, Kwak Ji Miin
Genre: Fantasy Horror
Language: Korean
Theatrical Release Date:(Singapore) 16 Jun 2005. (Malaysia) 9 Jun 2005

A ride to your unforgettable tragedy. Life is a train heading to the last station called Death.


On July 16, 1988, a train accident which drives 100 hundred people to death occurs. Without knowing the cause, the case becomes a mystery and soon gets forgotten.


After 16 years, a train attendant Mi Sun is on board first time at work. The train leaves its platform as scheduled and rapidly gains the full speed. All of sudden, it stops for 10 minutes without any reason, and restarts. However, when it begins to run, all Mi Sun can see is from the 80’s and old newspaper with the date written July 16, 1988. What happened during the 10 minutes when the train stopped and where are they going?