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Number 1 Korean Movie with Over 2 Million Box Office Admissions
Innocent Steps

Director: Park Young Hoon

Cast: Moon Geun Young (A Tale Of Two Sisters, My Little Bride, Lover's Concerto), Park Gun Hyung
Genre: Romance, Drama
Language: Korean
Theatrical Release Date:(Singapore) 25 Aug 2005. (Malaysia) 27 Oct 2005

Chae Ryn came all the way from China in place of her older sister who had won the state's dance contest consecutively. She is only a novice in dancing but hopes to win a place to bring it back home.


On the other hand, Young Sae, once an accliamed dancer is looking forward to meet Chae Ryn. Since he lost his partner to his rival in the past, he hopes to make comeback with new partner at the Championships scheduled to be held in 3 months! However, her little secret is soon exposed to Young Sae which let him with great disappointment. He initially refuses to take her but gradually opens up and admits her as his new partner. From then, Chae Ryn learns dance sports from Young Sae.


Having discovered that Young Sae's previous partner Seh-young used to dance the Grand Allegro (a very difficult dance technique), Chae Ryn wants to master it. Feelings stronger than trust develop between the two and their dancing starts to dazzle even stronger...