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The Art of Seduction Poster
Too Beautiful to Lie
Director: Bae Hyeong Jin
Cast: Kim Ha Neul (My Tutor Friend), Kang Dong Won (Upcoming Rising Star in Korea)
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Language: Chinese
Theatrical Release Date: N.A.

Her professional skills of pretense and deceit easily got Young Ju out on parole. On a train to attend her sister's wedding, she runs into Hee Chul, a man in love with a girl he is just about to propose to. By some bad or perhaps good luck Young Ju and Hee Chul run into each other and she mistakes Hee Chul as a bum trying to molest her. Their first chance encounter turns out quite embarrassing. On top of that a pickpocket steals Hee Chul's engagement ring! Young Ju is worried that she might be accused of the theft, so she sets out to return him the ring. Amidst the hassle, she is left behind on the platform. The train has left, carrying away her own luggage. And all that she has with her is the ring.