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The Art of Seduction Poster
Exhilarating Sequel to the Most Hilarious Sex Comedy Ever!
Wet Dreams 2
Director: Jeong Cho Sin
Cast: Kang Eun Bi, Shin Joo Ah, Lee Ji Hoon
Genre: Comedy
Language: Korean
Theatrical Release Date: (Singapore) 14 July 2005

This film revolves around the sexual fantasies of Sung Eun and her gal pals Bang Sue Yeon and Kim Mi Sook in Korea circa 1991. But fantasy soon becomes a reality with the arrival of a handsome student teacher named Kang Bong Gu. With his chiseled good looks and sparkling smile, no girl could resist him, that is – if he didn't have one fatal flaw. It seems that Kang suffers from an unknown illness that makes him fart whenever he feels aroused! However, this problem does not stop Sung Eun from trying to snag her man!