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The Last Breath

Director: Jung Brothers (assistant director of "Old Boy")

Cast: KIM Tae-woo, KIM Bo-kyung, JIN Goo, LEE Dong-kyu
Genre: Horror
Language: Korean
Theatrical Release Date: (Singapore) 18 October 2007

In a modern hospital in 1941, doctors witness weird tales and learn DEATH is the sole healer.

Jung-Name, future son-in-law of the hospital director, takes night duty at the morgue.  On his very first day at the morgue, a corpse of beautiful teenager girl who committed suicide awaits him.  And her extraordinary beauty and her story behind the suicide throw Jung-Name into confusion.  While spending the night with the corpse, Jung-Name encounters his destiny against stunning odds.

In the meantime, a little girl, Asako, covered in blood is carried into the emergency room.  Oddly enough, she is the only survivor in a deadly car accident without any physical damage.  A psychiatrist, Soo-In, conducts hypnosis to find out the torments Asako went through in order to set her free from a pang of guilt.  He learns about her fatal jealousy against her mother over her step-father.  The moment Soo-In thinks Asako is cured, he has a car accident where Asako met her step-father for the first time.

Going across these two odd stories, a married couple doctors, Dong-Won and In-Young return to the hospital from Tokyo and unceasing serial murders linger around them.  One night, Dong-Won follows In-Young who gets out of bed at midnight and witnesses his beloved wife committing murder.  It brings on their agony of the past...

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