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My DNA Says I Love You

Director: Robin Lee (The Shoe Fairy)

Cast: Terri Kwan, Peter Ho, Eddie Peng, Yu Nan
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Language: Mandarin
Theatrical Release Date: (Singapore) 11 October 2007

In recent years, as the secrets of DNA unravel, humans are increasingly able to control and even redirect their genes, changing their personalities and destinies.

Gigi and Marlene, two single women both in their late 20's, work at a bio-technology company, researching and developing medicine to suppress specific genes and their effects on the human body.

Gigi is born with the "clean-freak" gene and her obsession with keeping things tidy causes problems in her relationships. Marlene, on the other hand, is born with the "fat gene" and only maintains long-distance relationship via the Internet.

One day, Gigi crashes her car and meets Anteater, her college sweetheart. The two start dating and despite Marlene's friendly warnings, Gigi just can't remember why she had broken up with Anteater all those years ago. Until the day she is invited to Anteater's apartment for a cozy dinner. Just as they're about to consummate their passion, Gigi discovers Anteater's terrible secret - he is a first grade slob!

Realizing that her DNA is the cause of all problems, Gigi steals new, untested "anti clean-gene" drugs to suppress her natural behavior. Soon enough, the "anti clean-gene" pill produces effective results, and Gigi happily moves in with Anteater. However, the pill also produces side effects, forcing Gigi to take more and more pills.

Meanwhile, the landlord's young son - Teddy moves in next door, and falls for Marlene, whose life is thrown upside down when the "anti fat-gene" pill is pulled out of the market.

With a little help from science, will the girls finally find true love?

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