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Voice of a Murderer

Director: Park Jin-pyo

Cast: SOL Kyung-gu, KIM Nam-joo, Kang Dong-won, KIM Young-chul
Genre: Suspense Thriller
Language: Korean
Theatrical Release Date: (Singapore) 4 October 2007

The 1990s was a decade marked by alarmingly violent crimes, which in turn brought about declarations of war against crime. News anchorman HAN Kyung-bae (SOL Kyung-gu)'s nine-year-old son, Sang-woo, disappears one day without a trace. Then the nerve-racking phone threats of the kidnapper (KANG Dong-won) begin, demanding a ransom of $100,000. When the wife, OH Ji-sun (KIM Nam-joo), reports this to the police, a detective is assigned to their case along with a secret investigation force (KIM Young-chul) and forensics team. Despite these efforts, the cunning kidnapper makes a mockery of the police as he slips through the police dragnet, and plagues the couple with persistent phone threats and orders specifying new methods to contact the kidnapper. Making his way through his carefully thought-out plan without revealing his identity, the sole clue that the kidnapper leaves behind is the recorded voice of his phone threats. He has a cultured tone and speech, but he seems void of any emotion, his voice carrying nothing but blood-curdling chill. For more than 40 days after the abduction, HAN Kyung-bae is dragged through alternating moments of joy and sorrow as he desperately clings to the phone, not even knowing if Sang-woo is still alive. As the moments of joy diminish, and those of sorrow deepen, this father's desperation gradually grows into rage. At last, HAN Kyung-bae declares a full-frontal showdown by taking over and initiating contact with the kidnapper himself, making his ultimate attempt to get back his only son.

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